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RNA2016: Registration Fee Support Application

Feb 12, 2016

RNA2016 The RNA Society of Japan provides registration fee support to Student Members and Regular Members who are presenting at RNA2016.

※Registration fee reimbursement, if awarded, will be presented after approval in the general meeting FY2016. Therefore, applicants must apply for the meeting and pay registration fee beforehand. If we receive a large number of applications, applicants will be selected following the criteria listed below.

Details on RNA2016 Registration and Call for Abstracts
RNA2016 Website

Guidelines for Application to RNA2016 Registration Fee Support

1. Eligibility
Applicants must have a valid membership of the RNA Society of Japan at the time of application.
Membership Status (Payment status for the membership) can be checked here (login necessary)

2. Details of the support
Early-registration fee (subtracting JPY 10,000 for the banquet) will be presented in the form of an electronic funds transfer, in exchange for the original payment receipt for registration fee.

3. Acceptance number
~35 Applications (less than JPY 2,000,000 in total)

4. How to apply
Apply by filling in the application form that can be found in RNA2016 Registration Fee Support page (login necessary).
Application Deadline: The deadline for submitting a poster-only abstract

5. Selection process
Applicants will be selected in the Term 9 Council Meeting.
※One applicant will be selected from each laboratory at the most.
※Priority will be given to student members and oral-presenters.

6. Acceptance notification
Acceptance result will be notified to each applicant by e-mail, in the middle of May 2016.

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