The RNA Society of Japan

Election: Term 9 Council Officers

Jan 07, 2016

Election Management Committee

We are pleased to provide information about the election for the Term 9 (FY2016-FY2017) Council Officers of the RNA Society of Japan.

A list of Regular Members eligible for the Council Officers will be made based on the Member Profiles as of the end of January, 2016. Members are encouraged to update their own Profiles.

Election Management Committee for Term 9 Council Officers
    Hidehito KUROYANAGI
    Yukihide TOMARI
    Takeo SUZUKI

Election Guidance Notes

The election is for 10 Council Offices assigned to the two-year term that begins on April 1, 2016.

The vote is to be electronically casted from Wednesday, February 10 through Monday, February 29, 2016 on the Society website.

Each Member with valid membership status—including Regular, Student and Honorary— is eligible to cast a secret vote for up to 10 persons. Please check your Membership Status.

In using electronic ballots, the RNA Society of Japan provides the following safeguards:

  • Only current Members eligible to vote are permitted to access the ballot.
  • No one may vote more than once.
  • No one can determine or duplicate anyone else’s vote.
  • No one can change a vote once it has been submitted.

Election results will be announced on the Society website in mid March, 2016.

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